Singin’ and shakin’

I’m still getting used to saying the phrase “I’m in a band.” But I am. In fact, after months of anguish trying to name our little band (this involved multiple rounds of picking a name and then discovering to our chagrin that it had already been taken), we finally have one on lockdown. We’re just waiting to announce it until the corresponding website is up and running. In the meantime, you can check out Carrie’s music website and listen to some of her beautiful melodies.

Regardless of what we’re currently calling or not calling ourselves, music will be happening tomorrow at our regular once-a-month gig at CityGrounds coffee shop in Lincoln Park. The music starts at 7pm and we’re doing two 45 minute sets, so come one and come all if you’re in town. There will definitely be singin’ . . . as for the shakin’ part, probably not so much. I just put it in there to sound more interesting. I should also mention that the coffee shop has one of the best fruit tarts I’ve ever tasted. I will personally be snagging one during the break between sets, to the dismay of my vocal chords. Vocal chords schmocal chords . . . they’re not the boss of me!

If you’ve heard us before, don’t worry–you’ll be hearing some fresh material along with the oldies but goodies–the 3 new songs we inaugurated last month as well as 3 brand-spankin’ new ones.

Love you guys! If we can get a good recording I’ll make sure to post it for all you wonderful people.

Also, I, um, wrote some songs. More about that at a later date.

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12 Responses to Singin’ and shakin’

  1. giselle says:

    Wish I could come see you sing! Break a leg! =)

  2. Wow, I listened to Carrie’s stuff and talk about beautiful – Nora Jones x10!! It makes me feel like I should be tucked away in some warm-dark wood slated peaceful house, with candles lit, good wine and food cooking in an expansive and fabulous kitchen, with this in the background, swaying over a stove. Talk about a dream! I can’t wait to hear more from The Band! ~Megan

  3. Sarah R says:

    Wish I could be there! Must hear these songs you wrote.

    • Jenna says:

      I wish you could be here too . . . I would love to share this relatively new part of my life with you and Vessie. I’m putting up a recording from our last gig on Monday of one song. I’m excited to share it. =)

  4. Veronica says:

    Very cool! Have fun!

  5. Joanne says:

    I love you more and more with each post! One of these days I’ll trek my way over there just to come see you play! I think I’m due to visit Chi-town at some point anyway.

  6. Julie M. says:

    Woah. Carrie is amazing! I wish I could come hear you all sing. That style is right up my alley. Just beautiful.

  7. Circe says:

    I hope you guys have a great gig.

  8. How exciting this is! Keep us posted as to where you will be playing

  9. This is so awesome! I am so glad you are in a band and using your talents. How wonderful. Hope the gig was amazing.

  10. Kimby says:

    So great to hear about the musical side of you! Can’t wait to hear “the name”…

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