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Our band manager

Oh, you didn’t know that Thornfield has a band manager? Well let me introduce her. Her name is Ellie. Now where could she be . . . Napping with the equipment, of course. You guys ready for the show, or what? Now … Continue reading

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Loving on Uncle Gus

Today it’s time for some snuggly pictures of my friend Carrie and Gus, Erica’s cat. You would never guess it, but in Gus’s infancy he was a holy terror. For the first year of his life, every time I visited … Continue reading

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PW Weekend: in which we come to a close

Congratulations! You have made it to the very last PW Weekend post. You’ve stuck with me through thick and thin, through tales of cookie decorating, rare beef tenderloin, a red wine bathtub experience, wild mustangs, and tales of Charlie the basset … Continue reading

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PW Weekend: Charlie lets his hair down

After my disappointing photo shoot with Charlie on Saturday morning, he decided to come back . . . two more times. He ambled into the Lodge halfway through our baking extravaganza, and a friend of Ree’s family tried to help me get a … Continue reading

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