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From the recesses of the freezer . . .

Guess what my husband had for dessert the other night? He’s been steadily consuming these for quite a long time . . . Yep, it’s those delicous No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Bars. And yes, these would be the ones I … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wonderland

This is my aunt Jacquie’s house–the sun room, to be exact. You probably got a good taste of her decorating sense from this post about the Couch Debate of 2011 . . . or this post about the beauty of her … Continue reading

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I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the laundry situation that we experienced a couple months ago, over the weekend of my 28th birthday. No, we didn’t remove all the laundry from the baskets and just pile it on … Continue reading

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The garden of Dr. Evil

Aunt Jacquie’s house is wonderful, unique, thoughtfully decorated. We’ve already talked about her elegant but unloungeworthy living room, and we will be doing a tour of the secret staircase and castle wonderland that is the attic, but today I wanted … Continue reading

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