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Alaska here we come!

Does it seem to anyone else that we’re flying towards September at breakneck speed? And once September arrives, well, we’re headed straight towards Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Wait! I don’t know what our Thanksgiving plans are! And I … Continue reading

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Here you go, Mom!

For today, a wordless meditation on the joys and obligations of motherhood. These pictures of my cousin June and her daughter Snugs give me a lot of insight into what being a mom means on a practical, day-to-day level. Do … Continue reading

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Splashing in the city

Downtown Chicago in the summer is not just the place where Chicagoans in business attire ascend tall buildings to their office jobs, or the place where sweaty tourists oggle the skyscrapers and lug around large cameras. Or even the place … Continue reading

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Getaway click-through

You thought you had seen the last of Joe and Steph’s wedding pictures . . . but I had a few left that I wanted to keep together. So this is not just the last batch but the for real last … Continue reading

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