Home & Kids

Family Vacay 2010: a tour of the house                                      08.31.2010

Chicago Year #1: our apartment and beyond                           09.01.2010

Prayer in times of cleaning                                                               09.10.2010

Meal planning: the chicken and the axe                                     09.17.2010

The leftovers tracking device                                                           09.27.2010

The 1-minute rule                                                                                 10.18.2010

The beast of laundry                                                                            11.15.2010

10 fears about mothering and pregnancy                                   11.17.2010

Project Ice Cream Space                                                                    12.08.2010

PW Weekend: the Lodge                                                                   12.10.2010

Christmas brew                                                                                     12.21.2010 

 PW Weekend: my date with the bathtub                                   12.23.2010

January purging: 111 things in 1/11                                              01.07.2011

A Christmas tradition: cake for breakfast                                 01.13.2011

January purging part 2: 111 things in 1/11                               01.14.2011

January purging part 3: 111 things in 1/11                               01.21.2011

January purging part 4: 111 things in 1/11                                01.28.2011

The spirit of 111 lives on!                                                                   02.22.2011

A blog and a baby                                                                                  02.25.2011

Freckles and mops of curls                                                               03.01.2011

Project ice cream space: mission accomplished                     04.14.2011

Heidi and James (more where this came from)                      04.15.2011

The many faces of baby James                                                        04.20.2011

Peek-a-boo                                                                                               04.22.2011

We call her Mama Twink                                                                   04.27.2011

The word ‘grampumps’ makes me laugh                                    04.29.2011

Mama and baby                                                                                      05.04.2011

Baby and mama                                                                                     05.06.2011

A couch for Dr. Evil                                                                               06.29.2011

The garden of Dr. Evil                                                                          07.12.2011

Shrork                                                                                                        07.22.2011

Marshmallow legs                                                                                 07.27.2011

Here you go, Mom!                                                                                08.10.2011

Welcome to Wonderland                                                                  08.15.2011

Grabby McGrabberton                                                                        09.12.2011

Moose crossings and baby lessons                                                 09.14.2011

I dun et that thar bebby’s toes                                                        09.26.2011

From the recesses of the freezer . . .                                             09.29.2011

Moooooooom . . . I think we’re out of Pop Tarts                     10.06.2011

1 Response to Home & Kids

  1. D Kearns says:

    I stumbled upon “the pioneer woman’s” blog while looking for a recipe, and have been reading her blog for about 3 years. I found your blog through Tasty Kitchen. I remember the whole lodge reno, and think you are very fortunate to have seen and enjoyed it in person. Thank you for the great posts.
    I now have two blogs to read on a regular basis. Keep the recipes coming, I’m always looking for new things to cook.

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