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This heart of his

Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary, and I’m claiming some Mark Knopfler lyrics for this occasion–Knopfler says exactly what I feel towards this man who has been my best friend for 10 years now. Nothing in the world prepared me for your … Continue reading

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I call him Crandyhamme

Since I have never stated my husband’s real name on this blog, I thought that today I would at least share his plethora of nicknames with y’all. They have morphed and multiplied over our 10 years together, and there are … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being 6

I enjoyed sharing those pages from my 6-year-old journal so much last week . . . that I’m sharing more! The day I made the original post, my cousin June commented: “I remember the Christmas of ’89 (I think) – … Continue reading

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Feeling medeom: pages from my weird little 6-year-old brain

Good morning everyone! Today I’d like to jump into one of the funniest books on the shelf: my 6-year-old journal (sorry Terry Pratchett–your status has been demoted to 2nd funniest author in the house). I alluded to the nature of my … Continue reading

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