August-September 2010

      Wardrobe malfunction alert                                                  08.02.2010

The Wedding, Part 3                                                                   08.03.2010

The Wedding, Part 4                                                                   08.04.2010

The Wedding, Part 5                                                                   08.06.2010

The Wedding, Part 6                                                                   08.10.2010

The Wedding, Part 7                                                                   08.11.2010

The best week of 2009                                                                 08.12.2010

Goodbye my friends. It’s been great.                                    08.13.2010

    The candy collection                                                                  08.23.2010

  Alligator caught, in case you were worried                       08.24.2010

 Simple sickness-spreading tutorial                                     08.25.2010

Blokus                                                                                             08.26.2010

Blog Day                                                                                         08.30.2010

Family Vacay 2010: a tour of the house                            08.31.2010

Chicago, year #1: our apartment and beyond                09.01.2010

Dominion: why don’t I own this game yet?                      09.02.2010

Dave fights dirty                                                                          09.08.2010

Larry the wandering goat                                                        09.09.2010

Prayer in times of cleaning                                                    09.10.2010

Because I’m hungry                                                                   09.15.2010

Meal planning: the chicken and the axe                          09.17.2011

Cross training class: bane or boon?                                   09.20.2010

Goodbye Chicago summer                                                     09.23.2010

The leftovers tracking device                                               09.27.2010

   New muscle in the house                                                       09.29.2010

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