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Lovebirds spotted at Hollywood Beach

Right before leaving for Alaska, on a lovely and breezy Sunday evening, I had the privilege of taking Jamie and Taylor’s engagement pictures. I had only met them once before, in a very noisy bar and in costume–at this Milano concert … Continue reading

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A dollar a day . . .

. . . keeps the doctor away. (Or was that an apple? Anyway.) Since the inception of 2011, my lil’ band has been playing a monthly gig at CityGrounds coffee bar in Lincoln Park, every second Saturday. Last month was … Continue reading

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Two great games from the archives

I’ll be back next week . . . but in the meantime, I wanted to point your attention in the direction of two great group games. 1) I posted about the fabulous game of Dominion exactly one year ago, when … Continue reading

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Getaway click-through

You thought you had seen the last of Joe and Steph’s wedding pictures . . . but I had a few left that I wanted to keep together. So this is not just the last batch but the for real last … Continue reading

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