Mooooooom . . . I think we’re out of Pop Tarts

During our Alaska vacation, Heidi and I developed a running joke about the future teenagehood of her lil’ baby, now 8-month old James. We got no end of amusement out of envisioning him tall, lanky, and awkward, with long-ish unkempt boy-hair, sagging pants, and a hilarious long-strided walk.

Heidi was uncannily good at imitating this imaginary future James. She could snap into character at the drop of a hat. Normally her carriage is very elegant–being a ballerina and a certified Pilates instructor, her spine is ramrod straight and she moves with grace and coordination. But as soon as I said the magic words ‘teenage James,’ she would slouch, stick her neck out, and start loping across the living room. With a bored, nonchalant, kind of spacey low voice she would say “Mooooom . . . I think we’re out of Pop Tarts.”

Entire dialogues took place, with Heidi herself switching back and forth and playing the parts of a Napoleon Dynamite-esque teenage James and his imaginary mother, an optimistic, bouncy, practical woman with a high, nasal, and quite cheery voice.

The scenarios were endless, and I couldn’t stop cracking up: his mom trying to get him to clean his room, James responding with “Mooooom, I don’t have time! Jeremy’s already here. I gotta go,” and loping off. His mom signing off on his report card. His mom trying to get him to take out the trash.

I tried to get into both characters as well, but Heidi was so much funnier just handling the entire back-and-forth herself. Heidi, oh Heidi. You are one of the funniest people I know.

I laughed so hard.

Right now he’s a baby . . .

. . . but it won’t be long before he’s lookin’ more like this.

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16 Responses to Mooooooom . . . I think we’re out of Pop Tarts

  1. bevweidner says:


    oh, sorry.

  2. giselle says:

    That baby is too cute.

  3. Twinky says:

    BWAH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahhahahhahahaha!!! How can i drnk my coffee when you have me laughing this much? Plus, I can just see Heidi doing it all…. HYSTERICAL!!

  4. loveanddust says:

    This post is so cute!! And that baby! What crazy beautiful blue eyes. Sounds like you two girls had fun!


  5. Karenpie says:

    This is hilarious! My brother and I do the same thing only he does Dad and I do Mom and we have entire conversations, saying things that TOTALLY WOULDN’T COME OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS. EVER. It’s given us endless hours of inappropriate entertainment. It’s especially fun when we do it in front of them.

  6. Heidi says:

    Ah! Jenna! How I miss you… and you are much better at teenage-James than you give yourself credit.
    I gotta go.

  7. Sarah says:

    haha my husband and i make our cat come alive. it’s hilarious!

  8. Jen says:

    Omg! Should not have read this in a public place. I can totally picture Heidi and her shenanigans!

  9. Veronica says:

    Next time, use the “video” function on your camera (if you have one) to record her hilariousness! I can just picture it! Bwah! Love your wondermous photoshopping skillz on baby James, too. :)

  10. Joanne says:

    That is too hysterical. It must be such a trip to be around you and your sister!

  11. Julie M. says:

    Holy heavens. That picture is hysterical! I envision this quite often myself. I can’t wait to see three of the lanky buggers poking around my roost. Should be a fun time. :)

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