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The garden of Dr. Evil

Aunt Jacquie’s house is wonderful, unique, thoughtfully decorated. We’ve already talked about her elegant but unloungeworthy living room, and we will be doing a tour of the secret staircase and castle wonderland that is the attic, but today I wanted … Continue reading

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For the love of running

Today we’re in Indiana with my in-laws. Thanks to the ‘scheduled posting’ feature on wordpress, I’m probably still asleep at the moment. In fact, I’m probably experiencing very vivid dreams which, upon waking, I will recount to my husband in … Continue reading

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Chinese telegraph

As promised, I have come to share an amazing game with you. We played this not only on Family Vacay, but also at our fantastic New Years party, where I learned that it’s called “Chinese Telegraph.” Or maybe Dave made … Continue reading

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Spicy Mulled Wine

I can’t stop digging up treasures on Tasty Kitchen, and when I saw this recipe for Mulled Wine, it was all I could do to stop myself from running at a sprint to the nearest liquor store to make it all happen … Continue reading

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