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The magic of Photoshop

More about the whens, wheres, and whys of this picture later . . . but in the meantime, check out the transformation. The original: After processing: Let’s examine them side by side.                 … Continue reading

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Regency spot-the-difference

Can you spot the difference? Which one is real? Photoshop and I will never tell. And Carrie’s hairdo–which is truth and which is illusion? Yes, I may have spent 5 hours diligently shaping those little braids. Or I may not … Continue reading

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Post holiday inertia

Good morning. I am in the grips of post-holiday inertia. There were gifts. There was food. There were parties. There was a gig. Many pictures were taken. They are sitting in a folder on our computer, and I cast morose looks … Continue reading

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Another Photoshop miracle: virtual lipstick tutorial

During our Family Vacay 2010, many glorious pictures were taken of all family members. But every so often, briefly, my own camera was turned on me. In some cases, this turned out to be . . . a problem. Since I wasn’t usually … Continue reading

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