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Moose crossings and baby lessons

Alaska . . . what a beautiful and strange land. From what I saw of Fairbanks and Anchorage, in my mind a stark contrast has arisen between what man has made and what God has made. On one hand, the towns play … Continue reading

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Two great games from the archives

I’ll be back next week . . . but in the meantime, I wanted to point your attention in the direction of two great group games. 1) I posted about the fabulous game of Dominion exactly one year ago, when … Continue reading

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Career change?

I am Automated Jenna. I have realized that once Real Jenna returns from Alaska, I will be out of a job. “Kicked to the curb,” as I believe you humans say. “Out in the cold,” “left to die” and “given the boot” … Continue reading

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Automated Robot Jenna

Hi. My name is Automated Robot Jenna. As you all know, the real Jenna is neglecting her blog duties during her vacation. I have been programmed to tell you the following: Jenna really likes you all. She thinks you’re groovy. … Continue reading

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