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The time has come: popcorn bowls

When I first starting blogging almost a year ago, I was in a frenzy of excitement thinking about all the things I could write about. Funny childhood stories, Photoshop learning experiences, cooking, reviews on books I was reading–topics seemed to … Continue reading

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A candy drawer and a Keurig

I have a candy drawer. Ok, well, not ‘me’ personally. There is a candy drawer at my job. Here it is: Let’s take a peek . . . Mmm, look at this little guy. What a tempter. This candy drawer … Continue reading

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Getting through Monday

My 2 hours of exercise on Mondays are great. My skinny and white little arms may or may not be looking more toned than ever before . . . I think. “Aren’t I looking super buff, honey?” I asked my husband … Continue reading

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I flossed, I bled, I flossed some more

Hi Sarah and Vessie! Thank you for showing deep concern about the fact that I have never flossed . . . in my life. Except for, like, twice. My gums always bleed, and then I start looking either like a … Continue reading

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