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PW Weekend: Cinnamon Rolls breakfast

I lied yesterday when I said the ‘food, food, food‘  installment was the next to last Pioneer Woman weekend recap post. The next to last installement is, in fact, today’s. Yes, I like taking my walks down memory lane at … Continue reading

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Sugar Crunch Mini Pumpkin Muffins

I couldn’t tempt you all with the picture of the incredible mini pumpkin muffins my friend Cassia made for her wine-tasting party and then not share the recipe. It would have been cruel and unusual. “Cassia,” I whined, “can I … Continue reading

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Apple Muffins

  My friend Daria sent me this recipe last week, and it is delicious. With a few modifications, here it is. Make them for breakfast–or get your husband to make them for breakfast for you. Personally, I like the husband … Continue reading

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Thick Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

This is the smoothie of my dreams, and I have to have it every night or I shrivel up into a mere shell of a human. If there are no bananas and our grocery budget is maxed out, I make a … Continue reading

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