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Deer Steaks with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce

Mark my words: this sauce would be good on anything. Does it look like pasta in the picture? Look again–it’s gloriously caramelized onion, swimming in a sauce that gave heaven its name. I happened to serve it with deer steak, … Continue reading

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Rich and Creamy Tomato Bacon Pasta

I love it. It may be artery-clogging material, but I’ll make up for it by eating my greens and by faithfully attending my Monday workout, which has already created one new muscle on my left leg called ‘Fred.’ It’s all … Continue reading

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Spinach Blue Cheese Pasta

The platform for this recipe is PW’s Pasta with Tomato Blue-Cheese Sauce. I’ve made versions of it many times since she posted it in April, and it’s kind of morphed into something different, with spinach featuring as a main ingredient, … Continue reading

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