Putting the ‘everything’ in ‘Everything’

Guys, I am so thankful that I called this blog my ‘Everything Blog.’ I’m so glad that I allow myself the freedom to blog about what I want . . . where I want, how I want.

Sometimes I start to constrain myself–I think ‘well, I’d better keep posting 1-2 recipes per week’ or ‘I’d better get some book reviews done’ or ‘if I don’t post every single weekday, the world will fall apart’–and then I remember that everything and anything is up to me, and I have the freedom to write about whatever is exciting in my world at the time. Or not write. I can neglect to post on any given day–and our globe continues to turn.

If I had called this blog ‘Jenna’s Fun Time Internet Space,’ I would feel compelled to be fun all the time. And recently I was feeling like I just didn’t want to be funny anymore. On many occasions the silliness just oozes out of me. It’s all I can do to put a stopper in it long enough to get dinner on the table without interrupting the process with 5 silly jigs, 8 silly songs, and 2 silly frolics. But recently, I haven’t been feeling quite so silly. Maybe it’s the advent of the fall–it’s a thoughtful season. It’s a season that always urges me to look back, think about the previous year, review good memories and bad, do a little self-examination. Read past journal entries with a hot mug of coffee in hand, and prepare myself for my once-a-year scrapbooking project.

So thank you for letting me be serious when I feel serious, and thoughtful when I feel thoughtful, and silly when I feel silly–and sticking with me through all my moods and musings. It keeps the ‘everything’ aspect of my little space alive and well–and reminds me that I’m free.

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16 Responses to Putting the ‘everything’ in ‘Everything’

  1. Skippy says:

    My blog is called “I Make Soap” – and although you don’t read my blog – my friends that do always ask “Why do you call it that Skip? You never post about soap.”

    Meh. My blog. My rules. [There is a story behind it, but who cares?]

    Can’t wait to see your scrapbooking endeavors.

  2. Neeks says:

    “Everything” does give you a lot of freedom in choice, and there is no end of subjects to write (or not) about! :)

  3. Joanne says:

    Well, I adore you no matter what mood you’re in…silly, serious, contemplative. EVERYTHING about Jenna sounds good to me!

  4. Kimby says:

    I’m glad you didn’t succumb to the “shoulds” … “Everything” is what makes you you, and your blog your blog!

  5. Sarah says:

    love it, jenna. i love your honesty & totally agree that it’s your blog and you can decide what you want to post..no rules or NOTHING :)

  6. Sissi says:

    I do think sometimes that if I don’t post the day I planned to do this, the world will fall apart (my world at least). Thanks for this wonderful, honest post.

  7. I love your “everything” blog! I’m glad you feel the freedom to just be yourself here, because that’s why we come.

  8. Phyllis says:

    I agree that fall can be contemplative – I’ve been feeling that way too ~

  9. Julie M. says:

    Jenna, I love that you’re you. that’s what keeps me coming back to your blog! And you’re so right, you need to enjoy it or what’s the point? Keep doing what you’re doing my friend!

  10. JamieAnne says:

    Everything is a great way to go. I am a random blogger too!

  11. Veronica says:

    Your “everything” blog actually is what inspired me to change mine from a recipe blog (Recipe Rhapsody was the old name, which gave me no freedom!) to …well, a cornucopia of my life! It wasn’t until I started following you that I realized that people actually COULD be interested in other things I might say, besides the recipes, so thanks for giving me the courage to change it. I feel like the people that read my blog now aren’t just there for the recipes, but are closer to me, almost friends. You have a way of writing that draws people in, no matter your mood or the content, and I love it no matter what you have to say! :)

  12. Thanks for the reminder to get off my own back. I, too, sometimes suffer from the “shoulds”, and have to make a special effort to turn my back on them. My blog is an infant compared to many, and has already taken a few different turns. It is not just about herbs and herbally things anymore. I changed the header at some point, to list all of the things I am interested in blabbing about. You keep doing what you are doing, and again, thanks for the reminder to the rest of us to do the same. :)

  13. I love reading your posts, no matter what they are about. You’ve got such a funny writing style.

  14. You are brilliant for calling this an everything blog. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I started talking about things other than food on my blog. Keep up the good work!

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