It’s finally spring

After flirting with the 40s and 50s all through the month of May, Chicago seems to have finally decided that tomorrow it will be springtime–Saturday is the beginning of an 8-day stretch (according to that will be solidly rooted in the 70s and 80s. It’s a good thing, because I turn 28 this weekend and I did NOT want to celebrate in a near-freezing drizzle.

Skirts and shorts and capris, welcome back to my life! Furry winter legs, begone!

This weekend my plans are as follows: I will be getting my very first pedicure with my friend and bandmate Carrie, going on a birthday date with my husband, dealing with the overflowing laundry baskets (before they mutate and become a monster named Shrork or a monstress named Shrorquette), shimmying over to my in-laws where the word ‘grilling’ has been mentioned, and exposing my ivory skin to as much sun as possible so that ‘ivory’ can slowly transition to ‘pasty’, and ‘pasty’ can slowly transition to a mere ‘white’.

Did I ever tell you that a few weeks ago, when I wore capri-length yoga pants to my Capoeira class at the gym, a woman pointed at my pale, pale legs and burst into laughter? Then she started speaking loudly in Polish to her group of friends, who all turned towards me and laughed their heads off too. True story.

Adios amigos! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

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18 Responses to It’s finally spring

  1. Sarah says:

    happy birthday jenna! :)

  2. Wow, that is harsh! :-) But it sounds like you have a lovely birthday weekend planned – live it up! :-)

  3. Marco says:

    Happy bithday from the Netherlands!!

  4. Happy 28th! Tell you what, you just remember that can rock those ivory legs in the nursing home with smooth, youthful looking skin and laugh and point at a group of sun damaged, alligator-skinned, wrinkly, tan Polish women……….then drive away really fast on your motorized scooter.
    LOL :)

    • *that should say YOU can rock
      My brain continually works faster than my fingers type! (Especially when I am typing one handed, while rocking my baby and giving instructions to the other 3 kiddos)

    • Layla says:

      I agree with 4littlerfergusons! I proudly slather with sunscreen, and love my pale skin, knowing it’s healthier (and less “wrinkly” looking) in the long run.

      But Jenna your comment; “‘ivory’ can slowly transition to ‘pasty’, and ‘pasty’ can slowly transition to a mere ‘white’.”….the humor you put into it was FUNNY, another reason why you’re such a great writer!

    • Jenna says:

      YES! I love the motorized scooter that’s in my future–I’ll be looking forward to zooming around in it.

  5. skippymom says:

    Mrs. Ferguson makes a very good point!

    Have a happy birthday & enjoy your weekend – sounds great!

  6. Joanne says:

    Aww happy birthday chica! I’m glad you don’t have to be frigid while celebrating…that would kinda sorta suck.

    Your FIRST pedicure?!?!? What have you been doing with your toes all your life?

  7. NanaBread says:

    Pasty, hairy legs & snotty Polish exercisers be danged! Enjoy the weather and your birthday! Congrats and best birthday wishes.

  8. Twinky says:


    But what about those lovely flowers in the openning picture of this post?!?! Have you planted them? are they even yours? Do tell all, especially when it comes to flowers and any semblance of gardening!!

    And Happy Birth-day…. I was there!! (28 years ago =)

    • Jenna says:

      Heh heh, that’s a picture of the flowers Erica planted when I was visiting her in Kentucky (the ones that went into her window boxes). I still haven’t become friends with the whole ‘gardening’ thing . . .

  9. Veronica says:

    LOL, I’m sorry but I’m laughing about the Polish woman! I’m sure that didn’t feel great, but it’s a great story. :) You know what, don’t sweat the pastiness. Vampires are cool right now, and therefore pale skin is too…AND you won’t be showing signs of sun damage in two years like I am now at 30. I used to purposely get multiple sunburns each year to darken up my skin, and now I’ve got sunspots everywhere. Just say no to sun damage and flaunt that beautiful pasty skin, girl! Enjoy your birthday weekend–HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  10. Erica says:

    Happy almost birthday, Spankeroo. I am your sister and am shocked to realize that it’s true- you’ve never had a pedicure!!!! Just wait. :) It’s fantastic. Your feet will look and feel so beautiful.
    I love you big sister! So glad you’re having another birthday.

  11. Wendy says:

    Happy Birthday, Jenna. I hope your laundry duties turn out to be lighter than anticipated and the celebration greater than anticipated!

  12. Tracy says:

    LOL it’s okay, I’m with you…I think people don’t look directly at my legs lest they be blinded by the flash of white. Also, as someone who is half Polish, I heartily apologize for what happened to you at the gym!!

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