The word ‘grampumps’ makes me laugh

So even though we have agreed (I think) that my Dad’s name as a newly minted grandfather will be ‘Papa Rick,’ I can’t get the word ‘grampumps’ out of my head.

It just makes me laugh.

But that’s inconsequential–what we’re really here to do is revel in some pictures of the boys bonding.

Little James seemed peaceful enough at the onset.

However, as soon as I cried “PHOTO OP!!!” and rushed over with my camera, James started falling apart.

I’ve been through at least 3 photo shoots, and I haven’t even seen any green ones yet! he cried.

I tried to explain to James that he should just relax and enjoy his grandpa’s company. Instead of focusing on himself and how unhappy he was with the lack of ‘green ones’ in his pocketbook, he needed to focus on his relationship with grandpa. And easy place to start would be their common ground–like their love of physics.

Papa Rick has a Masters in Nuclear Medicine, I explained patiently. Can you say ‘nuclear,’ James?

No, but I think I can grab this toy ring.

Okay, the toy ring seems to have calmed him down. Let’s give this photo shoot another chance.

Papa Rick, I’m just so confused by string theory.

And I find the idea of quantum physics very disturbing.

I mean, how can particles be in two places at once? And how can they suddenly be somewhere else without having moved? I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

I think if you don’t mind, I’ll start crying now. The universe is just too confusing.

Maybe after I get my PhD at MIT it will all make more sense.

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6 Responses to The word ‘grampumps’ makes me laugh

  1. Joanne says:

    In my experience, the more time you spend at MIT, the more confusing life gets. So good luck to baby James!

    And you can tell him that I don’t understand quantum physics either. So, in my humble opinion, he’s in good company!

  2. Vicki DeArmeyv says:

    This is cutest photo shoot…PapaRick is being very patient and the good “Grandpumps” he should be to the little guy. I think “Grandpumps” is gonna’ stick…at least with me, :)…not that it matters that it does, cause I’m not the grand baby, but I do think it could sound cute coming out of that little mouth someday…

  3. skippymom says:

    I love the way you can completely fit the words to the pics’. I can see poor little Baby James confused by quantum physics and contemplating MIT – and Grandpumps is adorable [and trying really hard :)]

    Just wonderful. The smile I needed today. Thank you Jenna.

  4. claire says:

    that baby is just too cute… every post makes me love him that much more!

  5. I’m with you… “Grampumps” is really cute! Love all the photos of baby James with the family. He’s a sweet little cutie patootie.

    PS -Congrats on making the main page on WordPress! Your post on spring reading made it to the front page! Very proud of you, Jenna.

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