The many faces of baby James

I hope you all are in a baby-type mood. Because during my sister Heidi’s visit with her new little son, I took about 500 pictures.

I’ll only share a select few on my blog, I told myself. I’ll pick the cutest ones, give them a quick run through Photoshop, and that will be that.

Sunday evening I settled in on the couch with the Mac and started looking through the pictures, picking ones that I liked and tossing them into Photoshop. The problem is, I liked all of them.

This means that you will be seeing a whole heck of a lot of baby James ’round these parts.

What do you think I am, some kind of male baby model or something? Because I got a brain inside this gorgeous bod, alright! It’s not all about my good looks, capeesh?

Despite baby James’ reservations, his modeling abilities are not to be denied. I mean, his own father won a ‘cutest baby contest‘ in his infancy, lest you forget. So you will be seeing the following in the weeks to come: baby James and grandma, baby James and grandpa, baby James with his gorgeous mama, baby James sleeping, awake, laughing, and crying.

But not baby James pooping. I still haven’t reconciled myself to the fact that something so gross could come out of something so cute.

I will choose to live in denial . . . for now.

You mean you don’t think my poop is cute??

But I don’t understand!

Multitudes of hilarious expressions parade across his tiny face. Most of them flicker in and out in rapid succession, but he held that surprised look above for about 10 solid seconds.

I always look suspiciously at those who pounce on babies and immediately start talking in a high-pitched, squealy version of themselves, gurgling baby talk and shooting exaggerated facial expressions baby-wards.

And then I became one of them. See, it turns out that when I open my mouth really wide, bug out my eyes and stick out my tongue, baby James laughs.

And once you hear a baby laugh, it’s like an immediately addiction. I will go into withdrawal if I don’t hear that baby laugh again. So you make that goofy face over and over and over again.

I became a ridiculous person because of this baby. In fact, I made a baby-gawking spectacle of myself. I tickled him, contorted my face and made squealy noises repeatedly.

And strangely, I don’t regret it at all.

I also introduced him to his first bottle of wine and taught him how to have a good time in Chicago:

Just kidding. But that funny little face was too priceless to withhold from y’all.

And that little bear suit! Oh, the bear suit.

Come back, baby James! I never thought I would miss a baby . . . but I miss you!

Of course, I can’t even talk about what this vision does to my heart:

In fact, I can’t look at this picture more than once per week. The consequences would be . . . severe. Drastic. Life-changing.

Cheers everyone! I hope you all have a baby in your life to snuggle when the need arises.

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26 Responses to The many faces of baby James

  1. Sarah R says:

    That bear suit should be made illegal! Way too cute. Nice haircut, btw.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree–totally illegal. Totally. And thanks–as for my hairdo, I haven’t had my hair cut since Erica last gave me a trim (Thanksgiving?), so I’m glad it’s still looking presentable.

  2. Aw, he is adorable. also, your hair looks absolutely amazing in these pictures. :-)

  3. Joanne says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a single blog post this morning that got my endorphins flowing as quickly as these did. Or that got my ovaries aching quite so much. Yeah, this is a dangerously adorable post.

  4. That last shot? P*orn.

  5. Steve Berg says:

    I must say…..holding a baby looks so natural Jenna….SO natural…like, you should have your own or something…

  6. Heidi says:

    This post and these wonderful pictures make my heart ache… I can’t believe how precious James is! And I can’t believe I get to keep him and raise him!!! Jenna… being a mother is such an amazing feeling… and getting to share how wonderful he is, and hear him appreciated by the world at large makes me swell with pride… you’ve GOT to try it :)

  7. Heidi says:

    By the way, you look gorgeous in all the pictures. The crazy faces you talk about don’t seem possible when you’re looking so serene and beautiful!

  8. Mary Beth says:

    Making a baby laugh is absolutely addicting! Also wonderful is when they fall asleep on your shoulder :)

  9. foongfest says:

    He’s adorable. He also reminds me of Mike who is also adorable.
    Can’t wait to meet James sometime.

  10. Sarah says:

    ahh he is so adorable! and i am not a baby person. like, not one bit. so cute :)

  11. asmara says:

    Que fotos más bonitas!!
    Te has dado cuenta de lo bien que te queda un bebé en brazos????
    porque estás radiante,por si no te habías percatado :-)

    P.D: Baby James es una monada…

  12. Vicki DeArmeyv says:

    Precious little guy. Great shots Jenna. You look so pretty and your hair is outstanding. I think you got the baby bug!! Watch out!

  13. Carrie says:

    James, dude! Next time your Auntie Jenna offers you a “good time” in the form of a bottle, just. say. no. Unless it’s laced with formula. At least for the next 20.75 years. Good luck, kid! It’s gonna be hard having such a fun aunt.

  14. Holly says:

    I thought Laurel’s baby was the cutest. But baby James is really gonna make her work for it. Precious!

  15. Twinky says:

    Great Grandmother Mama Kitty says:
    “It’s ‘Jimmie O. the Eskimo’!! Why can’t anyone get his name right?????”

    Other than that she has totally loved this post!! …as did I!!

  16. Veronica says:

    I was wondering about your sister! I must have missed the blog announcing James’ birth b/c I was still waiting to hear if you were an aunt yet! So behind. Your nephew is just precious and I too love all those funny faces babies make so rapidly. I have a nephew of my own who is 5 1/2 so no longer a baby, but I’m enjoying him all the same. :)

  17. Oh my! Baby James is freakishly adorable! The surprised face and the “bottle of wine face” made me laugh hysterically and I had to show everyone around me. I know how you feel about your hubby holding a baby pic, I get all crazy-like when I saw my boyfriend snuggling a puppy. What those men do to us women….

  18. Jacob Menn says:

    Tell Hedi cousin Jake says lil James is full of adorablalsity!

    • Jenna says:

      I will! And hi Jacob! I hear life is good for you. Are you coming to Aunt Jacquie’s B-day party? I’d love to see you one of these days!

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