The Mama Kitty Christmas card series #3

This was the Christmas Big Jake parasailed onto a beach in Puerto Vallarta in his Santa Claus outfit. Though I don’t have a copy of the final card, these are some of the pictures that were used.

Need I point out that the best legs in the crowd belong to the woman on the left in the above picture–to Mama Kitty herself?

Seriously–give those legs a good look–she’s to the left of Big Jake. I think Mama Kitty was in her 70s at the time, but those legs are still in their 20s. I would take her legs as my first pick any day (no offense to the rest of the beautiful ladies, one of whom is my own mother).

I’m sad to say I didn’t inherit the short waist/long legs. I got the long waist/short legs instead. Hmmm, sounds like another goofup at the human factory. It makes bathing suit shopping very, very difficult when your waist is about 5x the length of everyone else’s. However, my sister Heidi of the also long torso reports that it makes pregnancy easier because your organs aren’t as smoonched up. But that’s another story for another time.

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10 Responses to The Mama Kitty Christmas card series #3

  1. souldipper says:

    Jenna! What a drop dead gorgeous Grandmother with a child’s heart for play. I thoroughly enjoyed those cards. Christmas can be such a weird bunch of expectations that it is a delight to see some joviality and fun! Thanks for giving me some Christmas spirit.

  2. Carrie says:

    Oh my word, this is simply fantastic!!! And giving me ideas for our Christmas trip to Florida…. ;)

  3. Those cards are hilarious. What a fun family. If I rocked legs like Mama Kitty, you better believe I’d be showing them off!

  4. Tammy McLeod says:

    How wonderful that you have these from your grandparents! They are such a great piece of your family history and I agree, grandma has awesome legs!

  5. Veronica says:

    I would die to have legs that great at any age. She should have been a model. She should be a model now. And, BTW, to most people (especially shorties like me) you are just tall all over and just because your waist is long does not make it seem like your legs are short! Own those long legs and the long waist, girl!

  6. Cindy says:

    Stunning bunch they are, yes; hers are the best legs.
    *looks in mirror and regards short waist AND short legs with woe*

  7. alongtheohio says:

    Jenna…these are GREAT. Your Grandparents must be the most interesting/fun people. I just adore your family :) I especially like these with Santa + his beach bunnies. So fun.

  8. Sofya says:

    Hello Jenna – I am a friend of your cousin Aurora’s from Viroqua, I got an url to your blog from my friend Kate (the sister of Aurora’s husband Gabe), in the context of your having gone to visit the Pioneer Woman, my life-long idol.

    Anyhow – I love the entire mama Kitty series – I am familiar with your grandma and her sense of humor! Love it.

    P.S.: I want the same lens for Xmas as you do, and I also already have two others. I also have a food-ish blog you might find interesting (or not), The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter.


    • Jenna says:

      Hi Sofya! Yeah, the PW is my life long idol as well, heh heh. =) Thanks for leaving me your blog url–I’m heading over the check it out right now! Say hi to Aurora for me!

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