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Garlic Gruyère Soup

If you’ve looked at any of my recipes at all, you know one thing: I love garlic. And I love cream. So that’s two things. We could also add mushrooms in there for number three . . . and how could … Continue reading

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Gig at the Red Line Tap

My friend Carrie is a singer songwriter. She was classically trained, but her clear and pure voice makes her the perfect fit for Celtic and folk as well. She’s recently made a foray into blues and jazz and blew me away at the fall Blues concert I … Continue reading

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Feeling like a King

Once upon a time, I heard from our good friend Alex that drinking beer in the shower makes you feel like a king. One day the other week I was taking a shower, thinking about food. No surprise there. Hmmm, … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo

Happy Thanksgiving! You probably have pumpkin coming out your ears. In fact, you may at this very moment in time be digging into a slice of pumpkin pie. But I am taking a risk and sending one more pumpkin recipe out there. … Continue reading

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