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Chapstick emergency averted

I’m a chapstick addict. I love Burt’s Bees above all, and keep a tin on my bedside table and in my purse. I even keep an empty tin at work that I periodically sniff. It’s retained some of that peppermint scent, … Continue reading

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A series of unsolved mysteries

Once upon a time, my sister Erica and I co-authored a book called “The Mad Tourist”. We obsessively returned to the phrase “it was destined to be the greatest unsolved mystery of his career,” and took great delight in inserting it in … Continue reading

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Pain à l’Ancienne

Please welcome the very first guest post on my blog, written by none other than my much loved and much blogged about sister Erica. Feel free to refer to her as ‘blondie pants,’ ‘spankeroo,’ or ‘schmantypants.’ I’m so excited to … Continue reading

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Shapong Sprit at Plato’s

So first I should explain . . . once my sister Erica and I shopped. This was in Bloomington Indiana back in 2006, right before my husband and I moved away to Delaware for three years. We hit up all … Continue reading

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