Because I’m hungry

Because I’m hungry, because it’s 4pm, and because dinner is at least 2.5 hours away, please indulge me in the following food thoughts. Allow me to share the important conclusions I’ve come to regarding what I want to cook next week. Scratch that–what I will cook next week. Yes, I sense that the near future holds a massive grocery trip the likes of which our fridge hasn’t seen since last spring. But if you choose to look at these recipes, can you blame me I ask you?

 Blueberry balsamic pot roast from The Noshery

Portabella and brie burgers from Aggie’s Kitchen

Butternut Squash mac & cheese from In Sock Monkey Slippers

Cannellini beans with polenta and veggies from Joanne’s Eats Well With Others

Spanish breakfast casserole from Kayotic Kitchen, one of my favorite food blogs

Three out of these five lovely recipes I found via Tasty Kitchen, Pioneer Woman’s recipe sharing site. Head on over there ONLY, and I repeat ONLY if you want to tease yourself into a near-death state of hunger by looking at picture after picture of deliciousness. Head on over there ONLY if you think you can win in the stomach vs. self wars that start roaring when dinnertime is both so near . . . and yet so far. Head on over there ONLY if you’re willing to accept full responsibility for taking your grocery budget and throwing it in the garbage–after shooting it full of holes, of course (to destroy the evidence that it ever existed in the first place.)

OK, I think I’ve made my point.

So . . . what are all y’all having for dinner?

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8 Responses to Because I’m hungry

  1. Joanne says:

    Jenna thanks so much for including me in this all-star list! I hate that feeling when I know dinner is so far…and yet I’m hungry NOW.

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  3. I’m impressed with your menu! I usually try to plan my menu ahead, but then I’ll invariably get distracted or forget that we have a late-night activity one day of the week, or lose my darn grocery list. Obviously, I need someone to manage my life.

  4. Aggie says:

    Don’t you love reconnecting with your cookbooks (I saw your shot earlier in your posts)…?

    Great meal ideas, thanks so much for including one of my recipes! Isn’t TK great! :)

    • Jenna says:

      Yes, TK is great. =) And I do love reconnecting with cookbooks–there’s just something about flipping through the actual pages that the internet can’t match (in terms of satisfaction).

  5. Layla says:

    Jenna, I bought a cookbook recently, and as I was looking through it, realized you might like a lot of the recipes in it too.

    I bought the ingredients to try the Chickpea and Tomato Stew, Lentils with Spinach, and the Stir-fried Asparagus flavored with Sesame Oil.

    It’s called World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey. (I’m not trying to convert you to be a vegetarian, lol, and I’m not one either). I was simply drawn to buying it at the book store though when I was flipping through it, and the recipes seemed really good.

    • Jenna says:

      I’ve heard of this cookbook before, though I don’t remember who may have mentioned it . . . thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to put it on my library request list and give it a try. The recipes you mention sound right up my alley. Let me know how the ones you make turn out!

  6. Layla says:

    I made the Lentils with Spinach last night. It was really good! It has cumin in it, along with lentils, and sauteed garlic and onion. I thought it would make a main dish, however it seemed like it would make a better side dish, since it was mainly spinach, and there wasn’t as many lentils as I originally thought…but I honestly think I found my favorite way to eat spinach now!

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