The Wedding Part 7: The Ceremony and Beyond

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Due to the unfortunate fact that a bridesmaid isn’t allowed to prance up the aisle with a camera and large external flash strapped to her neck, I was unable to capture a single photo of the actual ceremony. Next time I’m purchasing a high-tech spy camera that I can strategically place in my flower, and which will silently snap high-res pictures when I crunch my back righthand molars together (that’s where I’ll conceal the shutter release mechanism). I’ll just have to make sure not to crunch down my other molars where my emergency capsule of cyanide lies hidden, just in case . . . but I guess I’m not allowed to talk about my secret government missions on this blog. It’s too bad, because it’s quite a story, involving missions to outerspace, secret caves where the Knights Templar left us important clues, and underwater trips to scavenge the remains of the Titanic and uncover important evidence. But I’ve already said too much.

Today is the last wedding blog post. I feel like we’re at the end of an era. In fact, I’m starting to wonder what the heck I even blogged about before the wedding! Did I say anything at all, and more importantly, do I have anything left to say?? Erica, could you and Dave please reenact your wedding every year so that I have something to share with the world?

This final post has a few pictures of the reception, though I was so tired by then that I couldn’t bring myself to snappity snap away at the speed of yore. For example, when Erica and Dave made their way over to cut the cake, I realized I had no energy left to lug my camera across the room and take a picture. I’m sorry, guys–that’s why I’m not a real photographer. I got no stamina.

The reception was lovely. Lovely food, lovely speeches, and both lovely and hilarious dancing.

Here’s Dave commanding Erica to give him a kiss. Erica appears to be about to swoon. Or something.

My ISO, exposure, and white balance were all over the place, man . . . but the exhaustion was setting in, and as I gazed at all the funny little buttons on my camera with a foolish grin on my face, I realized I didn’t care anymore. If people came out looking yellow or green, well–it was all starting to seem quite hilarious. That would explain why this last installment has the worst picture set of the entire wedding series. It’s called photographic/emotional overload, and one day it’s bound to be my downfall.

To conclude, we all danced around. This dancing session turned a nice respectable couple like this:

into a frenzied, over-exposed dancing machine:

I won’t tell you what else Charles and Rachel did at the reception . . . it’s so good it’s going into a separate post. Wow.

Aunt Jessie also let loose and hopped around:

The groom did some kind of amazing little number here:

. . . and that’s all I have to say about that.

The wedding story is all over, but thankfully I just remembered that I do have things to say that don’t involve Erica and Dave making sacred promises, sharing snuggles, and hobnobbing with relatives. So unless you were only here to gaze upon Erica’s lovely bridal countenance (in which case I understand completely and it’s goodbye forever), see you back tomorrow for “the regular fare”: things involving spinach, Penne Rosa, mosaics, and family vacay. For now, I leave you with a picture of the cheesecake dessert, which may or may not cause your arteries to clog if you look at it for more than 10.1 seconds. Hey, the clock is ticking! I’d navigate away from this page as quickly as possible if I were you.

The End!

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5 Responses to The Wedding Part 7: The Ceremony and Beyond

  1. asmara says:

    Vaya boda!!!!preciosa!!!!

  2. Dave F says:

    Thanks for posting all these pictures Jenna. I wasn’t able to make it for Dave(2)’s wedding but you captured it.

  3. ¡ Fantástico y completísimo reportaje!
    Estás hecha una reportera, Jenna.

  4. Wendy says:

    It is a wonderful memory – and you have captured it well. Thanks for letting us live it again through your photos.

  5. Rachel says:

    Jenna, I can’t wait to see your upcoming separate post, haha!;)

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