The Wedding, Part 5: The Bride Gets Dressed

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Today, it’s all about the bride. This was her then . . .

. . . and this is her now.

It’s enough to make a mother cry.

Today I’m posting the pictures of Erica getting dressed the morning of the wedding. I find that the further I get in the wedding saga, the less I want to say. I guess you could say that looking at my younger sister in a glorious white dress as she prepared to make life-long vows before God to the man of her dreams, I have no words.

Snacks were provided . . .

Hair and make-up were in progress . . .

It’s never an easy task to get a bride into her dress. Thankfully, Erica had lots of help.

Jen and Rowenna worked on tightening the laces.

Mom put on the finishing touch: the veil.

Then, Erica and Dave had a few minutes alone before the pre-ceremony picture taking began. We all waited eagerly for them to emerge together.

Rowenna taught a small lesson in swing dance as we waited.

And then, they came out.

With the professional picture-taking about to start, final fixes were made to everyone’s apparel. Bow ties were straightened, lipstick was applied, the train was smoothed out.

For the next installment, the pictures of the bride and groom. And I’m telling you–they are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I just need to get down and dirty with Photoshop this weekend . . . wish me luck.

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5 Responses to The Wedding, Part 5: The Bride Gets Dressed

  1. LOVELY photos! Erica is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the wedding events with us :)

  2. I have to wait till NEXT WEEK to see more? :-) Ok, I guess I can be patient. Erica looks stunningly beautiful, as always. :-)

  3. Vesselina says:

    the more I think about it, the more it only seems appropriate for you to bring this to the world in small segments. After all, each small step in this context is a giant one in reality. It’s almost like nothing that happened during those two days is too insignificant to receive special recognition and recount of every minute detail. I love it!

  4. asmara says:

    Vaya reportaje que has hecho Jenna!!!no tienes nada que envidiarle a un fotógrafo profesional,qué guapa estaba Erica!!radiante,diría yo…
    Me encanta tu blog,que lo leo siempre aunque no escriba….Besos

  5. Emma says:

    Ooooh- that embroidery is just FANTASTIC!

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