A morning downtown

My parents were recently here in Chicago for a visit. Since my dad had never seen Millenium Park, we hopped on a bus and trekked on down. I had my camera in tow and happily snapped away at the summer sights. (Note to self: learn to use Photoshop cloning tool to remove finger from bottom righthand side of above picture) We stopped by the big fountain at Millenium Park, where there were legions of enthusiastic children playing in the water. Among them was this adorable little thing who was determined to lie down in the water, but conflicted in her enjoyment of the process. Let’s call her “Little Bunnyface”:

Her baby sister was like “Man, what’s her problem!? This girl is so high maintenance.”

Mom to the rescue . . .

People were cooling down, goofing off, frolicking in the water . . .

The city was beautiful. The sun was shining, the buildings glinting.

We stopped by the street where they were shooting a scene for “Transformers 3” . . . but they never made good on their promise of loud gunfire. And what’s a beautiful summer day in the city without a little gunfire in the mix?

Just kidding. I haven’t heard any gunfire since moving here almost a year ago . . . though I have seen a drug deal. But don’t ask me any questions, because I don’t remember a thing. Just call my mind a complete “blankity blank blank blankerino.” That’s what happens when I see drug deals; it’s like an “eject memory card” command happens in my brain. What’s great about it is that it saves mobsters/gangsters the trouble of having to gun down our apartment door to ascertain the fact that I never saw anything or anyone in any place at any time. You don’t want to inconvenience those mobsters–they have such a busy schedule as it is.

Happy summer everyone. I hope it lasts and lasts.

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5 Responses to A morning downtown

  1. Erin says:

    I love that last one of your parents! What a great shot!!

  2. These are great shots. The city, the park, the people, the narrative – Great Job!

  3. Brooke says:

    Lovely shots. I haven’t been to visit Chicago in about five years – must put on my to do list.

  4. Steve Berg says:

    Gosh. i love your photography.

    idea. When we come visit in the winter to go iceskating you should bring that ol’ camera of yours. Especially if it’s snowing. Downtown chicago during a light snowfall in the winter = beautiful!

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