Another cast iron triumph

OK, so I haven’t talked about the first cast iron triumph, which is my cast iron skillet. But let’s pretend I’ve raved about it in at least a dozen posts, and move on to the second cast iron triumph in my life: the indoor griddle/grill whatchamacallit.

Why hello there . . .

Living in an apartment in the city, my outside grilling options are nonexistent unless I want to use the fire escape … but the fire escape overlooks piles of trash and dumpsters, and the thought of my food mingling with potentially contaminated air makes me scrunch my face and look like a gremlin–so it’s out of the question. I’m a good wife, and I don’t want to frighten my husband with ye ole gremlin face. Though I do like to spring it on him sometimes when we’re brushing our teeth, so never mind about the “good wife” part.

After reviewing my options the choice seemed clear, so I quickly took action: I bought a griddle! And I love it. I love it so much that I would spank it, if it had a bottom. And if its bottom weren’t made of rock-hard cast iron.

One thing you should know about me up front: I spank the things I love. And the people I love—as long as they’re my sisters or my husband.

All the recipes for grilling I’ve been salivating over for years, I can finally make inside. Perhaps not with exactly the same results—but hey, I’m making do. To complete my extravagant purchase, I bought a press that I can use to make paninis. I’ve never been a sandwich girl, but paninis are a different matter. Especially once I layer them with the garlickyest of garlicky grilled veggies. With a side of garlicky alioli. Garlic, garlic, garlic, how I love you! [shaking a fist of love in the air] And grilled tuna steaks–I love you too. And grilled asparagus. And grilled everything!

Plus, once you flip over the ridged side that will create grill marks destined to be THE ENVY OF MY NEIGHBORS (sorry, I’m hopped up on coffee and the caps are just pouring out of my keyboard), there is a smooth side … a side destined for eggs-in-a-basket. Pancakes. Hotcakes!  Hash browns! Crumpets, crispins, and crimpcakes! [eyes revolving maniacally in head]

I’m sorry, I need to go commune with my grill. I can’t take the separation any longer.

And now, enjoy some shots of last Friday’s celebratory griddle-inauguration feast. I loaded up on materials at a Mexican grocery store, and the results . . . oh, the results.

Grilling recipes coming–sometime in the next 5 years. (Life tip: it’s all about undercommitting up front so that when you come through sooner than planned, everyone is wowed*)

*That will be a non-refundable $20 charge for the psychological advice—payments accepted in cash, wire transfer, check, or additional cast iron objects shipped express to my apartment. Thank you for your business.

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10 Responses to Another cast iron triumph

  1. Laura Livingston says:

    I’m also a big fan of cast iron! I have two of these long griddle things (which let’s me cook 16 hamburgers at one time – helpful when feeding a crowd – or, in my case, making dinner…) except mine don’t have those nifty lines. I also have a ridiculously large skillet and a just really big skillet. I’ve purchased all in the camping section of big box stores because apparently people don’t want to pay as much for camping cookware. Thinking of adding a dutch oven to the mix…

    • Jenna says:

      Oh man, I need to do a post on my love for my dutch oven. I adore the thing. We also have a cast iron skillet that was passed on from Grandma Sue (I think) which was my first experience with this magical metal–but I need a larger one (12”). =)

  2. Sarah R says:

    Soooooo jealous. And happy for you. As we discussed in Virginia, we just recently made our first cast iron skillet investment and are hoping to add a griddle soon. Totally going to make those apple spice muffins too! Or maybe apple spice bread in the skillet? A little caramelized apple on the bottom? Hmmm. I see some recipe experimentation in my future.

  3. Twinky says:

    The Griddle!! I was expecting another 3-pieces-in-the-box item that I suppose will be making its debut in due time….. You can actually use it/them since your birthday has already happened!

  4. Holly says:

    I was just wishing for a griddle/grill pan today and was going to rant about my lack on my blog. Now I’ll just have to think envious thoughts about you and your griddle. I got The Spy Wore Red today in the mail. There is a huge gash in the cover..oops. But I’m sure it won’t affect the contents.

    • Jen says:

      I keep looking for the Spy Wore Red in used book stores, but it’s no where to be found! Maybe people like it so much they never get rid of it once they have it. Also not at the library. Next up, Amazon.

  5. Jen says:

    I’m totally sold. Where do I get one? And will it work with my stove?

    • Jenna says:

      I got mine on amazon, and it works with both electric and gas. If you don’t have any cast iron though, I recommend you start with a 12” pan–that’s the 1st cast iron triumph. =) Warning–it’s super duper heavy. I can lift it . . . but with significant effort.

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