Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Guess what? I have a blog!

I choose to blame it on my friend Carrie. After church she said “You should start a blog this week. I need a new blog to follow.” After talking about starting a blog in every conversation with my husband and sisters for the past 6 months, I thought “Huh! What a crazy idea! I could … start a blog this week!” So I picked a username, I picked a password … and suddenly, the thoughts that had held me back (i.e. would I be able to successfully post a coherent paella recipe after taking about 200 pictures of the process last month) were a distant memory! I threw off the shackles of insecurity and realized—WHO CARES!? The likelihood of anyone reading this was dim, and if the internet world hated my recipes, insulted my hairdo, or thought my toenails were getting out of control, well, they could hit this nifty button called “next blog” and careen on to better things! I sighed with relief.

So if my blog somehow spirals out of control and ends up obliterating all good writing standards to kingdom come, you can direct your complaints to Carrie in the comments section of her blog. Love ya Carrie!

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7 Responses to Hi Mom!

  1. Vicki DeArmeyv says:

    Hi Jenna,
    so you bit the bullet and have started a blog.. good for you!
    i have my tapas blog which is quite simple actually and i have no aspirations of meeting anyone’s ideals or expectations. i am totally doing for myself and if anyone happens upon it and gets a chuckle out of my poor writing, because there is plenty of that, that is fine. if they manage to do any tapas from what i put up then better yet!
    i love doing it and i hope that just what you do doing yours’

    happy blogging,

  2. Jenna! Welcome to the blogging world! I, too, am happy to have another blog to follow, and yours is beautiful so far!

  3. Mom says:

    Well, well well!!! Here you are with a blog and you have addressed a posting to me!! I am duly honored and looking forward to how it develops! This should be a lot of fun.

  4. Carrie Paz says:

    I gladly take all the blame, my friend! :) Look at you — three posts already!!! You’re going to outdo me, I think! I’m quite happy. ;)

  5. Vicki DeArmeyv says:

    My blog is posted on my Facebook profile page. It’s actually called time4tapas.. I know you will get a kick out of it.. seeing I did not even live as long as you did in Spain you probably will say, “oh, no, it’s not like that”, but that is what’s fun about doing it… I just share what my perception of things were like while living there. I loved Spain and miss it so much.

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