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Bookshelves at war: enter the combat zone

My husband is in a PhD program in history, and right now he has the summer “off”.  Being “off” in PhD-speak apparently means “doing a number of research trips to various and sundry archives”—just thought I’d clarify that. This week, … Continue reading

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The Spy Wore Red: Nazis, bullfights, and sequins oh my!

WARNING: This is a fun read. If you don’t like to have fun while you read*, stay far far away. It’s so awesomely fun that Erica is taking this book on her upcoming honeymoon–and we all know that it’s got … Continue reading

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Our wedding and the Whore of Babylon

You may not have known this, but it’s Embarrassing Story Monday today! Aren’t you excited? On the menu today: a classic tale of love, embarrassment, revenge, and a dueling death.  Minus the revenge and dueling death parts. Overall, our wedding—almost … Continue reading

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White balance in-camera and post-processing

What is white balance? Well my friends, I’m going to try to explain this in my own words. Professional photographers, you know I love you, but please flee the scene before I horrify you with my amateur and incomplete explanation! … Continue reading

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